We reveal the WINNERS of our competition with KalliKids

The wonderful team at kallikids approached us to offer all of you lucky builders the opportunity to win some exclusive boxes of XYZ.

Many of you lovely lot eagerly entered and shared it all over social media, for that we can't thank you enough :).

Without further a do........drum roll please......... we announce the WINNERS.


A massive congratulations go to Alix Smith who wins 2x boxes of XYZ. Equally a round of applause goes to Sallyanne Marie Gooch and Clair Dukes for coming in as runners-up and each getting themselves a box of XYZ.

Finally and most importantly thanks to all of you that entered, all of the sharing, commenting and interest was greatly appreciated. It is the least we can do, as a small token of our thanks, to offer you all a 10% discount. You should have received or be receiving the code via e-mail.

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You guys are the reason we bring you XYZ and we hope you continue to follow our journey and be a part of our community.

Thanks again and congratulations,

Master Builder Charlotte :)






Freedom breeds creativity in engineering learning

As a privileged daughter of two engineers, and a few generations before, my passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) would be somewhat obvious. A childhood dominated with 'boys toys', meccano, lego, scalextric and K-nex, I was at some points teetering on the edge of tomboy if not breaching it on occasion. This exploration and play learned from more male focused product gave me tactile, mathematical and spatial awareness. The freedom I had to go out and explore, venture into the hills and woodlands of the Lakes, to be exposed to the environment, risk and danger is something I am blessed to have experienced.

Master Builder Charlotte dons her overalls

Master Builder Charlotte dons her overalls

However these types of experiences are becoming increasingly rare for the generations of tomorrow and in-particular our future engineers. Why is that? Environments for play are being increasingly prescribed. Parents who swore to let their children learn by exploration are being forced, through many factors, to stick to a current norm of overseeing play in a safe, enclosed environment. How are we going to get children equipped to evaluate risk, cope with fear and assist in collaborative behaviour without real-life and real-world exploration?

As Peter Gray writing for the Independent addresses, the problems in life he faces 'require the judgement, wisdom and creative ability that come from life experiences. For children, those experiences are embedded in play.'

So it seems that we cannot rely on academic systems alone to achieve these environmental developments within our children. Our education goes beyond the classroom. It is undeniable that even into adulthood our learning and ability to perform in our careers is not just down to the hours we put in at the office or the depth in which we explore our particular fields but it is about life experience, embracing current affairs, reading and social interaction. It is important to recognise the key ways in which we expand our thinking and approaches. This is also surely the reason for initiatives like CPD (continuing professional development) programmes?

Engineering in my blood, Design in my heart.

My path through education was not as 'clean' as I would have hoped, I had obvious strengths in the Arts but I lacked the attention span needed to fully excel in the Maths and Sciences. My teachers and I knew I was fully capable but to their frustration my want for life experience and to pursue creative ventures always led me astray. As a somewhat punishment to myself for focusing primarily on the creative, my final years consisted purely of Maths and Science still not truly reaching my full capability. As Ken Robinson mentions in his Ted Talk: Bring on the learning revolution! 'Education dislocates very many people from their natural talents'. Will we be able to realise the strengths of our future generations if we just leave it solely in the hands of academia for their education?

I am therefore a true advocate for the need for creative learning experiences outside of the classroom. In fact it is beginning to be realised that creativity is an essential part of STEM and in particular engineering. So we come back to the point, how do we unleash creativity and imaginative play to the generation growing up in these prescribed safe enclosed environments?

Perhaps this is the place for gender neutral, construction experiences whose scale is large enough for children to climb on, under or even within. Unleashing child creativity to develop their own environments and imaginings.

President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Dame Prof. Ann Dowling confirms that 'Young children are, as I was, natural engineers, constantly seeking to understand the properties of materials as they engage with the world around them.'

As Co-Founder and Managing Director of Cinter, a consultancy specialising in product development, we have developed a product, XYZ, to do just that. XYZ is an exciting construction experience, one which will take the world of play to another level. Allowing limitless, imaginative and expansive play, XYZ encourages exploration and interaction in a safe environment and engages everyone to experiment and experience creativity.

XYZ Builds

It is also important to recognise that failure is to be embraced, children will have to challenge preconceived ideas in order to inform important decision making. Dame Prof. Ann Dowling again mentions that 'When the cardboard structure they have built is strong enough to support the weight of other toys and becomes a medieval castle, there is the thrill of persistent and successful improvement.' It is the basic principles in engineering and design that XYZ embraces in order to deliver and impart knowledge, creating an ever-growing demand as a learning tool for all ages.

XYZ is designed and manufactured in the UK. An example of a full product development service, taking an idea from pencil sketch, through stages of rapid prototyping and testing to an injection moulded end-product with subsequent brand, identity and packaging.

If you have been inspired to investigate further into the juncture between Education and Creativity, I highly recommend you take a look at the series of talks by Sir Ken Robinson here. I have been particularly inspired by the suggestions of a 'Fast Food Model of Education'.

For first hand experience and feedback from our customers, check this blog by Liveotherwise. 'A self contained toy, that stretches the imagination, encourages creativity, experimentation, cooperation. Allows for mathematical and scientific conversation, and is surprisingly pleasurable to the touch.'

Let's hope that by encouraging different methods of learning and creativity we can maximise the minds of the future.

To discuss more, ask any questions or to offer any feedback please get in touch, I will be very willing to provide answers and discuss themes.

Master Builder Charlotte ☺

It's here! The packaging has arrived and the new box sets look great!

So 2015 has sped off at lightening speed, with the exciting updates that we released late last year about our new tiles things have only been accelerating. This week we have had a BIG delivery of the first run of XYZ cardboard packaging. Now it is super easy to transport your tiles about, perfect for sharing and collaborating with your peers. This is all fantastic news for those lucky customers receiving their XYZ boxes this week!! 


Let us know what you think about our recent updates by either tweeting at us @XYZBuilds or by dropping us an e-mail at contact@xyzbuilds.com. You can assist with the development of XYZ by keeping us informed, we do listen and will be excited to work with implementing your feedback.

We also like to read here at XYZ, we found a great article on BBC NEWS - Why engineering should be a woman's game written by Royal Academy of Engineering President, Dame Prof Ann Dowling.

'Young children are, as I was, natural engineers, constantly seeking to understand the properties of materials as they engage with the world around them.'

'When the cardboard structure they have built is strong enough to support the weight of other toys and becomes a medieval castle, there is the thrill of persistent and successful improvement.'

This is just the experience of play and learning that we try to encourage with XYZ. We hope some of you have started to make interesting and dynamic structures where you have had to overcome many challenges and engineering feats.

As ever keep sharing with us your photos and stories we love to see and hear about your experiences.

Till the next time builders.......

The XYZ Team

XYZ gets a makeover for 2015

Want to do something a little more sophisticated with XYZ, now is your chance! 2015 launches XYZ in translucent and black. Make anything from a table lamp, book shelf to a jewellery box or display stand.

We look forward to more of you joining the XYZ community. Don't forget to share your photos with us, either using #XYZBuilds on Instagram or tagging us at @XYZBuilds on twitter. 

Look forward to see what you come up with.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
from all of the XYZ team

XYZ becomes Project of the Day!

XYZ has made it to the front page of Kickstarter and the support is growing rapidly. 

Thanks to all of our new backers as we welcome you into our XYZ community. Please keep helping us to reach our target by sharing with all of your friends, family and colleagues. Words cannot describe how much we appreciate your support and we look forward to fulfilling your rewards soon.

Project of the Day

If you haven't seen us yet, spot us on the Kickstarter main page,

Thanks again, we understand that many of you are working really hard on our behalf to promote this campaign and we are extremely grateful.

Till another time,

The XYZ team.

Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/19697...

Our competition winners receive the first ever box of XYZ

After winning the competition for the best build at Gadget Show Live 2014, Milton, Moses and Elijah have received their prize, the first ever limited edition box of XYZ.

The Early Adopter Edition Packaging making its way out of HQ

The Early Adopter Edition Packaging making its way out of HQ

Having received their set, our winners have already been very busy building and have made some fantastic structures that cleverly integrate with their other toys. Those skylanders look very happy at home in their XYZ fort, not forgetting the fantastic grin on our little champs face! 

There is no question as to why they are the winners!

There is no question as to why they are the winners!

The rest of our patient pre-orderers will be receiving their limited edition sets of XYZ across the next few weeks stay tuned for yet more updates.

Make sure to visit our Kickstarter campaign if you have missed out on our pre-orders. Not only can you buy the classic starter set of XYZ but you can also get your hands on other goodies like t'shirts, stickers and even glow in the dark tiles.

Till the next time builders.......

The XYZ Team

Make complex 3D structures with a simple modular tile


Why should kids have all the fun? Through Kickstarter XYZ are bringing you a construction set for any age. Collaborate with friends and family like never before. 

XYZ teaches the basic principles of engineering and design, actively creating new and fun learning experiences for people of all ages. It is now possible to quickly make large structural objects with flat surfaces, encouraging the creation of exciting new environments.
XYZ is a moulded injection creation that has been designed, manufactured and packaged in the UK. These highly durable tiles are created with ABS plastic, fully recyclable to reduce carbon footprint. It may even be able to create a few British jobs too.

Our Kickstarter campaign has launched and aims to raise £30,000 necessary to upgrade our tooling. We can then scale up manufacture to supply retailers across Europe and introduce new shapes, colours and even tech.

XYZ has had many successful outings and has been spotted at the Gadgetshow Live 2014, London’s City Hall and The Royal Academy of Engineering. Picking up awards and support from  the Enterprise Hub, Royal Academy of Engineering and Queen Mary, University of London.

The idea originated as part of a Masters Degree research led project and designed both to re-engage kids to create their own environments and develop collaborative play between kids and parents.  The group behind the project, Cinter, have now produced their first fully available sets to unleash the inner engineer within children of all ages across the UK.

We now hope that you will take part in the engineering fun, learn the basic principles and see how XYZ is the only set that enables full integration of play with ALL other toys by visiting our Kickstarter.

[Press Pack]
If you want to find out more please e-mail: info@xyzbuilds.com

And the winner is........

Thank you to all those who entered our 'What Can You Make' competition for The Gadget Show Live 2014.

After much careful adjudication we have found ourself a winner! They will receive a Limited Edition Set of XYZ.

The prize goes to..................................... this smiling pair!!!

WELL DONE @Bubba1173 we were extremely impressed by your build, you were able to build something as big as yourself, you are the WINNER!!!!

Look forward to seeing what else you can make.

Thanks again to all the other entrants, it was a very tough decision and we hope you stay with us on this very exciting XYZ journey.

High commendations go to..

It's here!! Building our way to Birmingham.

XYZ the exciting construction experience for builders of any age. XYZ has recently launched after earning an award in the Royal Academy of Engineering Hothouse Innovation Competition 2013. Pre-sales are live here at www.xyzbuilds.com. There is already high demand for the limited edition XYZ construction sets. 

XYZ debuts at The Gadget Show Live within the Toy Arena from 9th-13th April in Birmingham, UK. 

XYZ teaches engineering and design principles through imaginative and experimental learning. The modular tiles allow builders from age 6 and up to rapidly erect structures that they can play in, on, and around.

XYZ is the first product brought to market by Cinter, a company that uniquely occupies the space at the intersection of creative design expertise and engineering experience www.cinterdesign.com.

XYZ is designed and manufactured in the UK

If you are heading to the show make sure to give Rex-YZ a pat and shake hands with his robot friend.

If you are heading to the show make sure to give Rex-YZ a pat and shake hands with his robot friend.