Make complex 3D structures with a simple modular tile


Why should kids have all the fun? Through Kickstarter XYZ are bringing you a construction set for any age. Collaborate with friends and family like never before. 

XYZ teaches the basic principles of engineering and design, actively creating new and fun learning experiences for people of all ages. It is now possible to quickly make large structural objects with flat surfaces, encouraging the creation of exciting new environments.
XYZ is a moulded injection creation that has been designed, manufactured and packaged in the UK. These highly durable tiles are created with ABS plastic, fully recyclable to reduce carbon footprint. It may even be able to create a few British jobs too.

Our Kickstarter campaign has launched and aims to raise £30,000 necessary to upgrade our tooling. We can then scale up manufacture to supply retailers across Europe and introduce new shapes, colours and even tech.

XYZ has had many successful outings and has been spotted at the Gadgetshow Live 2014, London’s City Hall and The Royal Academy of Engineering. Picking up awards and support from  the Enterprise Hub, Royal Academy of Engineering and Queen Mary, University of London.

The idea originated as part of a Masters Degree research led project and designed both to re-engage kids to create their own environments and develop collaborative play between kids and parents.  The group behind the project, Cinter, have now produced their first fully available sets to unleash the inner engineer within children of all ages across the UK.

We now hope that you will take part in the engineering fun, learn the basic principles and see how XYZ is the only set that enables full integration of play with ALL other toys by visiting our Kickstarter.

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