It's here! The packaging has arrived and the new box sets look great!

So 2015 has sped off at lightening speed, with the exciting updates that we released late last year about our new tiles things have only been accelerating. This week we have had a BIG delivery of the first run of XYZ cardboard packaging. Now it is super easy to transport your tiles about, perfect for sharing and collaborating with your peers. This is all fantastic news for those lucky customers receiving their XYZ boxes this week!! 


Let us know what you think about our recent updates by either tweeting at us @XYZBuilds or by dropping us an e-mail at You can assist with the development of XYZ by keeping us informed, we do listen and will be excited to work with implementing your feedback.

We also like to read here at XYZ, we found a great article on BBC NEWS - Why engineering should be a woman's game written by Royal Academy of Engineering President, Dame Prof Ann Dowling.

'Young children are, as I was, natural engineers, constantly seeking to understand the properties of materials as they engage with the world around them.'

'When the cardboard structure they have built is strong enough to support the weight of other toys and becomes a medieval castle, there is the thrill of persistent and successful improvement.'

This is just the experience of play and learning that we try to encourage with XYZ. We hope some of you have started to make interesting and dynamic structures where you have had to overcome many challenges and engineering feats.

As ever keep sharing with us your photos and stories we love to see and hear about your experiences.

Till the next time builders.......

The XYZ Team